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BioX – The path of success of Juicy Marbles

June 20, 2024 | 11:45 am |

At the January BioX reading group on Wednesday 17.01.2024, we were joined by Maj Hrovat, a representative of Juicy Marbles. He gave us an inspiring presentation about the company’s fascinating journey, which started during the studies, by exploring the food industry. Initial ideas ranged from using worms as a source of protein, making tempeh from buckwheat, artificial leather to developing fortified drinks. An old converted fridge served as their incubator and initial working environment. They went on to explore the idea of creating plant-based meat products. Initially, they created a product resembling chicken meat, and over the years they further developed and upgraded the idea to the final products they offer today. These are based on protein structuring technology and product marbling that mimic the look and taste of beef and are also a competitive plant-based substitute.

On their journey, they faced numerous challenges in seeking investors and developing technology, all while operating on a very low, “student” budget. They pitched their idea to Bevo, the EIT Food Innovation competition, Ecotrophelia, and Štartaj Slovenija, and finally, to the Y Combinator accelerator. The latter enabled them to scale up production, upgrade technology, and successfully penetrate the international market.

Today, they have patented their production process, and their products (plant-based filet mignon, steak “loin,” ribs with edible plant-based bones) are mostly exported to foreign markets, especially the USA, UK, Switzerland, and Austria.

Following the presentation, an engaging debate unfolded, providing us with even more insights into the technology used, products, and the food industry.

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