Podelitev diplom Tutorstvo ASEF 2022
ASEF Tutorial Program

Award Ceremony at the End of ASEF Tutorial program for ASEF Junior Fellows generation 2022 

July 20, 2024 | 1:43 pm |

On Wednesday, 21 February, ASEF awarded diplomas to the ASEF Junior Fellows generation 2022 at the end of the ASEF Tutorial Program. ASEF Tutorial Program is a program where ASEF Junior Fellows independently research, discuss and write papers on socially relevant topics under the guidance of tutors in their respective fields.

Dr. Rok Sekirnik, the head of ASEF Tutorial Program, addressed ASEF Junior Fellows and other guests. In his opening remarks, he emphasized the program’s long standing excellence and expressed gratitude to both past and future generations of ASEF Tutors and ASEF Junior Fellows.

Rok Sekirnik
dr. Rok Sekirnik

Dr. Jure Leskovec, co-founder of ASEF, also greeted those present, highlighting that the event was intended to celebrate the ASEF Junior Fellows generation 2022 and  mark the beginning of ASEF Junior Fellows generation 2023. He emphasized that through the program, ASEF Junior Fellows gain the ability for structured thinking and formal expression, while also learning from the rich experiences of their tutors and passing on valuable knowledge to younger generations. He encouraged the new generation of ASEF Junior Fellows to approach their work actively and zealously. 

Jure Leskovec
dr. Jure Leskovec

The British Ambassador, Tiffany Sadler, who has been serving her mandate in Slovenia for the fourth year, also addressed the audience. Speaking from personal experience, she emphasized the key features of tutorial programs, namely the significance of  diverse perspectives and the establishment of new relationships and networking.  

Tiffany Sadler
Tiffany Sadler

The award ceremony to the present ASEF Junior Fellows generation 2022 followed.  ASEF Tutor, Prof. Dr. Zdenko Časar, presented diplomas to the members of his tutoring group and also expressed deep gratitude to all ASEF Junior Fellows for their exceptional dedication and work. 

Zdenko Časar
dr. Zdenko Časar

The recipients of diplomas among the ASEF Junior Fellows generation 2022, divided by tutoring groups, are as follows: 

  • Biochemistry and Chemistry (tutor Dr. Zdenko Časar)
    • Meta Kodrič
    • Jona Novljan
    • Domen Pregeljc
    • Jure Rebselj 
    • Martin Rihtaršič
  • Physics and Mathematics (tutor Dr. Sašo Grozdanov)
    • Natan Kobilica Dominko
    • Gregor Kržmanc
    • Maruša Lekše
    • Matej Neumann
  • Computer Science (tutor Dr. Ivan Bratko)
    • Žiga Donik
    • Timotej Klemenčič
    • Domen Mohorčič
    • David Nabergoj
    • Sara Oblak
    • Anja Šurina
    • Anja Zdovc
  • Arts and Social Sciences (tutor Robert Dolinar)
    • Nuša Dijak
    • Arjana Savarin
  • Biology and Medicine (tutor Dr. Ana Ramovš)
    • Tadej Jerončič
    • Jakob Timotej Stojanov Konda
    • Denis Štepihar
    • Nastja Turkanović
  • Finance (tutor Dr. Aleksandra Gregorič)
    • Matej Škerlep

We are extremely pleased with the work of ASEF Junior Fellows generation 2022, therefore we wholeheartedly congratulate them and express our gratitude for all their efforts and dedication. We wish ASEF Junior Fellows generation 2023 a successful and inspiring work in the upcoming period. 

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