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ASEF Workshop: Successful Negotiation with Barbara Krajnc

May 26, 2024 | 9:47 am |

On Tuesday, May 7 2024, at 6 pm ASEF Workshop: Successful Negotiation took place at the Ljubljana Technology Park. The lecture was delivered by Barbara Krajnc, independent consultant in strategic communication. 

Ms. Barbara Krajnc has more than 25 years of experience in sales and working in international corporations, as well as in management in the field of external advertising. She was also the Executive Director of the international advertising festival Zlati boben, one of the largest creative festivals with awards for the most creative solutions in advertising in Europe.

The ASEF Workshop: Successful Negotiation was aimed at ASEF Junior Fellows. Ms Barbara Krajnc shared her knowledge on strategic negotiation in her lecture. She presented the stages of negotiation, the most important of which is (pre-)preparation, and the skills important for successful negotiation: active listening, emotional intelligence, patience and flexibility. Participants learned about the different components of negotiation in a practical way. 

The event was successful in spreading knowledge about successful communication and negotiation in different situations. The ASEF Workshop: Successful Negotiation was an informative event that contributed to improving the communication skills of ASEF Junior Fellows. Barbara Krajnc presented the importance of effective negotiation and knowing your opponent in an interactive way. 

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