Junior Fellows

ASEF Virtual Visit to Stanford University: Vid Keršič

September 29, 2021

ASEF Junior Fellow Vid Keršič, a master’s student of Computer Science, has started his research visit at the end of June at Stanford University. Since visiting in person was not possible this year due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, Vid virtually visited Computer Science Professor Jure Leskovec, Ph.D., working in his SNAP Stanford Research Group.

During his research visit, he worked with his Ph.D. student Weihua Hu on large-scale heterogeneous graphs and graph neural networks (GNNs), the latter being one of the fastest-growing fields in deep learning and artificial intelligence. His tasks revolve around evaluating, comparing, and designing GNNs for the academic graph from OGB-LSC. The focus of the research was on developing the sampling strategy for large-scale heterogeneous graphs.

Despite not physically visiting Stanford, staying in Slovenia during the research visit turned out to have several perks, one of them being meeting ASEF Junior Fellows Visiting Slovenia on their trip to Podravje Region.