ASEF Professors’ Academic Excellence Affirmed by Recent Outstanding Awards

October 25, 2023

Academic excellence is one of the three core values of the American-Slovenian Educational Foundation, as showcased by the recent academic achievements of ASEF professors.

The Slovenian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation recently announced the recipients of the highest national awards in science, including ASEF tutor Prof. Dr. Maruša Bradač, who received the recognition of Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia, and ASEF tutor Prof. Dr. Zdenko Časar, who received the Puh Award for Outstanding Achievements. Overseas, the American Neurology Association (ANA) elected its first non-American president in its 150 years of existence, Slovenian Dr. Dimitri Krainc, M.D.

“The world-renowned astrophysicist, Prof. Dr. Maruša Bradač, started her studies in Slovenia and continued her career in the USA. During her career, her research has made a key contribution to understanding the existence and properties of dark matter and the first galaxies in the young Universe. Her pioneering research on galaxy clusters is still considered to be the most important direct evidence for the existence and properties of dark matter. She also played a key role in the development of the latest James Webb Space Telescope. Since 2021, she has continued her career at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana, where she is studying the Dark Ages of the Universe with data from the telescope as part of a prestigious European Research Council project” (Ministry of higher Education, Science and Innovation, 2023).  

“Prof. Dr. Zdenko Časar, Head of Early Development of Pharmaceuticals at Lek, received the Puh Award, the highest national prize for scientific achievements, for his outstanding work in the field of industrial pharmaceutics. Namely for the introduction of numerous new scientific concepts, technologies and innovations relating to the synthesis, analytics, polymorphism and stability of active substances and medicinal products. In the past, the professor has received numerous awards and honors, including the Pregl Award for outstanding achievements, numerous gold awards from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and several top scientific awards from Sandoz and Novartis” (Ministry of higher Education, Science and Innovation, 2023).  

Slovenian neurologist and scientist Dr. Dimitri Krainc, M.D., ASEF Mentor and Chair of the Department of Neurology and Director of the Simpson Querrey Center for Neurogenetics at the Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, was recently elected President of the American Neurology Association. He has emphasized his desire to see radical change in the field of neurology. He aims to strengthen links with international neurological societies, support the training of young African professionals in neurology, and ensure greater collaboration with Slovenian neurologists and students (Udovč, 2023).

ASEF congratulates all three ASEF professors for their achievements. 

Photos: LEK, STA  and Delo (Jože Suhadolnik)

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