ASEF Professor Dr. Maruša Bradač Involved in The James Webb Telescope

January 24, 2022

ASEF Professor dr. Maruša Bradač is involved in the James Webb Telescope, which was launched late last year. In the podcast’Številke’, she said about getting the first results:

”The first data we get will be very foggy and blurry. If anyone ever looked through binoculars at first saw a very blurry image, then they focused the gadget and got a sharp image. Our process of doing this at Webb will take six months. We have 18 mirrors that have to be accurately calibrated, so at first there will be a lot of blurry images that will not be interesting to the public … When the sika is sharp, we will first publish the footage for the public and share it immediately.”

You can listen to the whole conversation at this link.

Dr. Maruša Bradač is a professor of astrophysics who returned to Slovenia after many years of work in the USA and Germany; now she lectures at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.