ASEF is Looking for Slovenian Families in the U.S.

February 20, 2024

Through the Fellowship program Research Abroad, American-Slovenian Education Foundation facilitates Slovenian students’ 10-week research visits under the guidance of esteemed professors at leading U.S. universities. 

ASEF offers extensive support to our young talented individuals, allowing them to concentrate on their research endeavors. However, finding suitable and affordable accommodation can pose a challenge for our Junior Fellows.  Therefore, ASEF is looking for Slovenian families across the U.S. (Bay Area, Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts…), who are willing to host Junior Fellows during their 10-week research visit.

Your support and hospitality would be immensely valued by ASEF and our Junior Fellows. Hosting our Fellows not only fosters new connections and enduring relationships but also provides them with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Slovenian community abroad. 

If you’re interested in opening your home to ASEF Junior Fellows, we invite you to complete the Google form below or reach out to us at  

ASEF Fellowship