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ASEF at SEI 2024

July 10, 2024 | 11:00 am |

Today the ASEF team, consisting of two students and one Generation 2023 Fellow, met with the participants of the Education and Student Entrepreneurship & Internship (SEI) 2024 program. The event took place at the NLB Center for Innovative Entrepreneurship, where they presented the work of the American Slovenian Education Foundation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sara and Aljaž first presented the mission and activities of the Foundation, as well as its scholarship programs, which aroused great interest among the participants, who indicated that they were looking for short-term exchange opportunities abroad. To give the young people the opportunity to get first-hand information, we were joined by Frenk Dragar, ASEF scholarship holder and Master student in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht, via video call. Frenk presented his research work under the mentorship of Gašper Beguš, Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, and his experiences from his visit to the USA. He also described the process of applying for the fellowship program and other activities he participated in during the program, such as recording a podcast and working in a tutoring program in the field of artificial intelligence.

The SEI program, organized for the 13th consecutive year by the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana and AmCham Slovenia, is aimed at Slovenian students who want to gain practical experience in business, economics and entrepreneurship. 

We are very pleased with the interest shown by SEI 2024 participants, who actively asked questions and expressed a strong desire to apply. Applications for the Research Abroad Scholarship Program will open in September and we believe we have succeeded in encouraging motivated young people to apply for this outstanding opportunity.

We would like to thank our dear Charlotte Taft from the American Embassy in Slovenia, who invites ASEF every year and appreciates the Institute’s efforts to provide unique scholarship opportunities for Slovenian students who wish to study in the USA. 

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