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Antonia Starc, 2022 Junior Fellow, About her Research Visit in Slovenia

November 02, 2022

Anotnia Starc, 2022 ASEF Junior Fellow from the US, has recently finished her research visit in Slovenia. She worked with Dr. Tomaž Deželan on her research topic. Here is what she wrote about her stay in Slovenia:

“During my time in Slovenia, I had the opportunity to not only expand my professional network, but also connect with my cultural roots. 

WIth my professor, Dr. Tomaž Deželan, I got to pick a research topic I was interested in, which was refugee and asylum-seeking policies within the United States, Slovenia, and the European Union. With my mentor’s help, I was able to work on my project and learn a lot about Slovenia and its policies, both past and present. 

I interviewed and connected with a political activist and refugee advocate, Miha Blazic, as well as an executive at Slovenian Filantropia, Franci Zlatar. Both provided invaluable insight and information related to my research topic and allowed me to learn about their goals and roles within the asylum-seeking process. 

Throughout my stay, I got to explore the beautiful country and see (almost) all it has to offer. Going on adventures to the Soča river valley, the seaside, Triglav National Park, my family’s homes in Bela Krajina, and other places, I saw a variety of landscapes, did a number of activities, and made memories that will last a lifetime. 

In addition to this, I connected with many family members that I either had never met or had not seen in a number of years. Getting to visit with them helped me further learn about Slovenia and my family’s roots in the country. 

Finally, through the introductions and connections ASEF helped foster, I got to meet like-minded individuals with cultural and familial similarities to mine, an experience that has benefitted and impacted me greatly. Together we were able to explore various parts of Slovenia and discuss our shared values and heritage.”

Being selected for the opportunity to be an ASEF Junior Fellow was an honor and a privilege and I will remember and cherish my experience for the rest of my life.

Antonia Starc about her fellowship in Slovenia

The Visit Slovenia ASEF Fellowship Program is supported by the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad and generous donations.

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