Junior Fellows

A New Generation of ASEF Junior Fellows: Visit Slovenia

April 25, 2024

The American-Slovenian Education Foundation (ASEF) has selected a new generation of ten Junior Fellows who will receive a 10-week research visit to Slovenia this year. This exceptional opportunity will enable young researchers to acquire valuable knowledge and skills under the watchful eye of ASEF mentors or leading entrepreneurs at the best Slovenian universities, research centers and companies.

During the visit, scholarship recipients will not only improve their scientific potential, but also get to know the rich Slovenian culture and language. The selected scholarship holders, all of Slovenian origin, come from various countries around the world, which emphasizes the global character of this program.

The selection of ten Junior Fellows was based on their outstanding academic achievements, passion for research and the desire to create lasting ties with Slovenia. ASEF is convinced that given their enthusiasm and dedication, the young talents will make a significant contribution to international cooperation in the field of science and education.

As of this generation, ASEF has supported a research visit to 75 young scholars with Slovenian roots living in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Germany and Belgium.

ASEF Fellowship ASEF Junior Fellows Visit Slovenia