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How Is the Development of Science and Technology Changing Our Views on the Processes of Aging and Longevity?
On Thursday, May 26, ASEF organized a popular science lecture within ASEF Speaker Series by dr....
Dr. Žiga Avsec: Understanding the Human Genome With the Help of Artificial Intelligence
This time we will be joined by dr. Žiga Avsec with a lecture: “Understanding the human...
Matej Neumann, 2022 ASEF Junior Fellow, Shared His Reflections at the End of Research Visit in Canada
2022 ASEF Junior Fellow from Slovenia Matej Neumann has recently completed his research visit. He...
Nina Zupančič: Where do the Pancreas And the Surgical Soul Meet?
ASEF is organizing an online popular science lecture within ASEF Young Minds, which will be given...
Activities of Slovenian Communities Around the World Presented to the New Generation of ASEF Junior Fellows From Slovenia
On Thursday, 19 May, ASEF organized an online training on Slovenian communities around the world...
May 26, 2022 | 19:00 |
Dr. Enej Kuščer: Can Science Develop the Elixir of Eternal Life?
How do science and technology redefine our view of aging and longevity? This time we will be joined...

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‘It Is a Great Pleasure for Me to Invent New Models’
On Wednesday, May 18, ASEF organized an evening talk for the ASEF community with mag. Darja Figelj,...
May 18, 2022
Episode #3 of The ASEF Podcast: Eva Pavli
Episode #3 of the ASEF Podcast was a special episode that featured a Slovenian artist. Eva Pavli is...

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Interview With the Recipient of the Prestigious Project ERC, Dr. Marušo Bradač
ASEF Mentor, dr. Maruša Bradač, who until recently was a professor at the University of...