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What Cities Will We Live in the Future? Conclusions of the Work of Tutoring Groups
With the third and at the same time the last round interdisciplinary table of the City of the...
Gašper Grad Completed His Research Visit To University of Queensland in Australia
2021 ASEF Junior Fellow from Slovenia Gašper Grad has recently completed his research visit. He...
Slovenian Community in Tucumán: use and preservation of the Slovene language
ASEF Junior Fellow Ana Malvina Porcelo Žakelj today gave a lecture for the Fran Ramovš Institute...
June 02, 2022 | 19:00 |
Institute Jozef Stefan
Understanding the Human Genome Through Artificial Intelligence
On Thursday, June 2, ASEF is within the section of ASEF Speaker Series together with...

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ASEF Story [Preparation]: Žan Dapčevič
On Wednesday, June 8, we meet for brainstorming to prepare for the upcoming ASEF story. The last...
A Recording of the ASEF Young Minds Event With dr. Nina Zupančič Has Been Published
A recording of the ASEF Young Minds event has been published, at which ASEF 2020 scholarship holder...
Jun 02, 2022
Episode #8 of The ASEF Podcast: Dr. Boštjan Kobe
ASEF Professor Boštjan Kobe spoke about his research and helped understand proteins in Episode 8...

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What Is a Surgical Soul and How It Is Connected to the Pancreas?
As part of the May lecture ASEF Young Minds, organized by ASEF in cooperation with the Slovenian...
ASEF Institute Director Meets With ASEF Tutorial Program Leader
Last week, Dr. Marinka Žitnik, ASEF Institute Director and Assistant Professor of Biomedical...