Živa Perko

Živa Perko moved to Belgium with her parents when she was just two years old. She is now a high school senior in her last year. She is studying at a science oriented high school, where her main subjects are chemistry, biology and physics. Heilig Graf School, the high school she is studying at, in Turnhout is known for its excellent laboratories, where students test theory in practice and carry out various experiments. As a member of the ASEF community, she will be in Slovenia from September 2022 until the end of December 2022 and will study at the Gimnazija Bežigrad. Together with the students from Ljubljana, she will be preparing for the matura exam, not only in chemistry and biology, but also in the Slovenian language. She hopes that she will be able to improve her Slovenian while socializing with her peers. Živa loves music and this year she finished the music academy and graduated from classical singing. She is a two-time Belgian sailing champion in the Cadet category (2020 and 2021). She represented Belgium in the Cadet at four world championships. She hopes that she will have the opportunity to sail in the Gulf of Piran with her new Slovenian friends. Živa loves nature and planet Earth and is therefore an environmental activist, a participant in the “Fridays for climate” movement. At the competition of the European program dedicated to the climate crisis Erasmus++, Živa was chosen as the representative of Belgium 2021, where, together with the other representatives, she participated in a one-year project dedicated to the consequences of the climate crisis. She expects that she will also talk about the climate crisis and urgent actions in Slovenia. Živa would like to thank the ASEF community for this exceptional opportunity. She believes that during this period she will not only get to know Slovenia, her Slovenian peers, and Slovenian culture, but will also learn a lot about herself.