Lampret Urška

Urška Lampret is a PhD student and a young researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology. Her PhD thesis is focused on ideatic diverge and conflict between Christianity and Communism in the period of revolution in Slovenia. In her research, she is focusing on the actions, activities, and policies the Church implemented and followed in order to defend human rights during the time of WWII and the Communist revolution in Slovenia, including the question about the legitimacy of same. She is a member of Societas Ethica and a research group at the Faculty of Theology. ASEF Fellowship offered her an opportunity to work with prof. Peter Verovšek at the University of Sheffield (UK), whose extensive knowledge of the topic of politics and collective memory would have a substantial relevance and impact for her research. Urška is very grateful to be given this opportunity and she believes that the ASEF Fellowship will allow her to broaden and deepen her research and will represent an important step on her career path.

But first of all, Urška is a mother of three (Nika – 5 years old, Jakob – 3 years old and Filip – 2 years old). Her free time is full of laughing, crying, playing, singing, dancing, screaming, tickling, … Among academic and family activities Urška is passionate about ski jumping (she was among the first female ski jumpers in Slovenia), dancing, climbing, country music and football (Liverpool FC’s fan), thanks to her husband. To coordinate all those aspects of her life she needs to be very well organized and motivated, which also results in her scientific work, which usually ends very late at night.