Turkanović Nastja

Nastja is a undergraduate student of Biology at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. Currently she is enrolled in her third year of studies. In her final year she is going to be helping at the department of Biochemistry. The work of the research group for biochemistry is focused on the structure and function of proteins or other substances that bind to biological and artificial lipid membranes or certain receptors in membranes, transforming them and forming transmembrane pores in the lipid layer. In connection with these processes, they study the potential use of these proteins (or other substances) in biomedicine, pharmacy, and elsewhere. She is also a member of the Biology Students Association. She is also a humanitarian as she has volunteered at a fundraiser “To be a woman” in her hometown Celje, where they raised money for a family in need. Nastja is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and experience with the help of her mentor prof. dr. Dimitri Krainc at the Northwestern University in Chicago. Aside from her research she enjoys dancing, spending time in nature, reading and the company of animals.