Šavorič Tjaša

Tjaša Šavorič is a PhD student for art history at the University of Leipzig in Germany. She lives in London and as an enthusiastic art history lover attends art history workshops and international conferences, visits numerous exhibitions and participates as a junior curator at art exhibitions in Slovenia. Tjaša dedicates time to work on her thesis and to do individual research on Slovenian artist and art historian Marijan Tršar (1922-2010). Tršar captivated her with his creativity so much that in 2017 she wrote a Master’s thesis about his early art and diary entries, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Barbara Murovec at the Faculty of Arts, the University of Maribor. Tjaša enhanced her thesis by curating the exhibition I paint, therefore, I write, which celebrated Tršar’s 95th anniversary of birth. It was curated in collaboration with the France Stele Institute of Art History, Ljubljana.

Tjaša wishes to strengthen the classical art-historical methodology used in her PhD thesis, by adopting the benefits of digital art history. She sees the ASEF study exchange under the supervision of Dr. Kaja Antlej from Deakin University in Australia, as an exceptional opportunity to deepen her understanding in the field of virtual museums and immersive VR experiences and to learn about new interdisciplinary ways of raising the profile of cultural heritage.
Tjaša enjoys travelling and visiting art exhibitions. In her free time, she loves to read and cycle.