Prezelj Tim

Tim Prezelj completed his BSc studies in microbiology. Currently, he is completing his master’s studies in molecular and functional biology at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). Parallelly he studied cognitive sciences and spent quite some time improving his knowledge abroad – especially in Germany and Italy. He started his research in the fields of molecular biology, immunology and the evolution of cancer. Past few years his interests are focused more on evolutionary psychology, biology and neurology of sex and gender, religion and language. He is very fond of art history and tries to integrate humanities into natural sciences as much as possible. He finds new interdisciplinary approaches and fields especially challenging. During his spare time Tim likes to read, visit different cultural and fashion events, exhibitions and concerts.

Under the patronage of ASEF he will spend 10 weeks on a research visit in Vienna supervised by prof. Mihaela Pavličev, PhD. He will broaden his skills and knowledge in the field of evolutionary biology. Tim is very grateful for the opportunity he got and will try to seize it best.