Marusic Tatiana

Tatiana Marusic is a general physician, graduated from the Buenos Aires University, and currently a fourth-year pediatric resident at “Ricardo Gutierrez Children’s hospital”. She was born and raised in Argentina, but all her grandparents were born in Slovenia and they taught her their values and culture. The critical global refugee situation and low access to health assistance are one of Tatiana’s greatest concerns. Consequently, she is going to work with Primoz Jamšek at Slovenian Filantrophy, a humanitarian organization. She will join a program that offers better accessibility of health services for people in a vulnerable position, working directly with the refugees and provide them medical care. She is convinced that this experience will challenge her to a new level where she will grow from a professional perspective and from a personal one as well. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities, like hiking and scuba diving. She considers herself a nature lover, she cant wait to visiting the beautiful Slovenian landscapes!