Janko Tanja

I’m an undergraduate student of Chemical technology at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Ljubljana. Currently, I’m working at Jožef Štefan institute on developing nanoparticles used for targeted drug delivery system.

I also previously worked on a similar project with nanoparticles in a research institute in Milano and in the past year, I worked as a volunteer in a school and hospital laboratory in The Gambia (Africa). One of my biggest passions is to combine working and learning with traveling. So in that aspect, this experience will be perfect for me. The ASEF fellowship offered me an amazing opportunity to work with Dr. Dimitri Krainc at the Northwestern University where I will be able to learn all about neurodegenerative diseases. I’m sure this opportunity will bring me a lot of academic growth and will help me shape my future research career. In my free time I enjoy reading, learning about new things and spending quality time with my friends and family.