Kobal Jakob

In December 2021 Jakob graduated from interdisciplinary Multimedia study programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Computer and information science at the University of Ljubljana. Title of his graduation thesis was »Fundamental frequency recognition in a chord«. He developed his own algorithm for a chord recognition from a sound recording. He was always very eager to explore the connection between art (music) and science. A little over a year ago he also graduated with honors from Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana. His principal subject was classical accordion, but he is also interested in other theoretical and practical musical aspects.  In January Jakob will start his music studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, which is one of the most prestigious contemporary music colleges. He hopes that there he will be able to broaden his musical horizons and to continue exploring connections between science and music. Beside music Jakob likes to spend his free time outside. He enjoys a good book, a concert, or an interesting debate. He is grateful for ASEF’s help and he is very excited to gain new knowledge and experience in the USA.