Barbič Špela

Špela is currently a final-year student of Laboratory biomedicine at the University of Ljubljana. Before she continues studying Biomedicine at the graduate level, she wishes to obtain more research experiences. She had her first taste of research in the summer of 2019, when she worked at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy. She then joined a project aiming to determine the role of secondary DNA structures (G4 quadruplex) in the promotor region of a specific gene. In the coming year, Špela is going to join the laboratory of prof. Jernej Murn in California, gaining research experience in the field of RNA biology. She is excited about the research visit and appreciative for the opportunity provided by the ASEF organisation.

Špela has volunteered at Slovene Philanthropy and helped with rapid antigen testing of healthcare workers during the epidemic. She is also a recipient of the MOL (City of Ljubljana) scholarship for prospective students. She enjoys running and hiking in the mountains.