Rihtaršič Martin

Martin is a Master’s student of Chemistry at the University of Ljubljana. During his studies he has build a big interest in Organic Chemistry and he wishes to become a researcher. He has gained valuable research experience in professor Jernej Iskra’s group at the University of Ljubljana. He participated in a Students’ Innovative Project for the Benefit of Society (ŠIPK), where they developed a 3D printed molecular kit. Furthermore, he is the mentor of International Chemistry Olympiad preparation at Škofja Loka and Kranj Grammar Schools. ASEF enabled him a research visit to professor David Šarlah’s group in Illinois, where he will work on the field of total organic synthesis. He is super excited about the research visit and membership in ASEF. He is sure that ASEF will provide him with important experience and a great opportunity to build knowledge. In his free time, Martin likes to ski, climb, and play beach volleyball. He also loves traveling and tasting funny-looking food.