Reina Jacob Mayka María

Jacob Mayka María Reina is a dance teacher, in her career she has learned different styles and genres. Currently, she is learning Argentina’s folklore. Mayka finds in dance a different kind on language, through which she can express emotions, words, values, ​​and a lot more… That is why she has been teaching dance to children, young people, and adults for approximately 15 years, something she enjoys and is passionate about. Dancing is what she loves most, but Mayka also likes reading, drinking coffee and talking with people, as well as meeting with her family and friends. In relation to her link with Slovenia, Mayka is of Slovenian descent on her mother’s side. She knows that her great-great-grandfather arrived in Argentina in the year 1882. She currently works actively in the Slovenian foundation “slovenski duh” where activities are carried out to spread Slovenian culture, values, ​​and identity. She thanks ASEF for providing this unique experience, as she believes she will find opportunities to learn the Slovenian folklore and culture, acquire knowledge and values, and grow personally and professionally. She is very anxious and a little bit scared because it will be the very first time she travels by plane and leaves her country, but she really expect to enjoy and take advantage of this experience.