Puhar Gregor

Gregor is a chemistry master’s student at the University of Ljubljana, where he also completed his postgraduate studies. He conducted the practical part of his master’s thesis, researching reactions between mercury and various organic ligands, at Umeå University. During a year-long Erasmus+ exchange program at Umeå, he obtained a Master of Science degree. In addition to his academic pursuits, Gregor gained practical research experience at the O2 department of the Jožef Stefan Institute and through two international IAESTE internships, at UCT in Prague, Czech Republic, and at Łódź University in Poland. Beyond his studies, he is actively engaged in the IAESTE association, contributing to the organization of international student internships. During his free time, Gregor enjoys sports and traveling, and he eagerly anticipates his upcoming research visit with Prof. David Šarlah at the University of Illinois.