Zupančič Nina

Nina Zupančič is a young doctor close to finishing her internship in General hospital Novo mesto. She graduated at the Medical Faculty in Ljubljana. While studying, she participated in many research and professional exchange programs in Europe and other continents to get an even better insight into a foreign health system. Her fields of interest have been gynaecology, neurology, paediatrics, paediatric and heart surgery. One of the most valuable experiences that she has had was studying at Humboldt university in Berlin for six months and joining the Erasmus exchange. In 4th grade of studying she was awarded with Prešeren recognition for a research work in field of neonatology, titled Hepatic portal venous gas in newborn: etiology and meaning. In a little while a decision about her speciality will have been done. Before that she is keen on becoming acquainted with scientific research work and get fundamental experience, that she will be able to use later in her clinical research. She can not hide excitement about this summer collaboration with dr. Michael Pavličev at Vienna university.

To fulfill her free time she paints and reads about arts. Vivid imagination and Roald Dahl are two things she looks up to. Traveling and meeting new cultures is her constant occupation. She also is a fan of sports and leads trainings of general exercise for healthy spine.