Urankar Nejc

Nejc Urankar is a Researcher at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, where he is also pursuing his PhD in Legal Studies. With his main field of research being the sociology of law, Nejc studies law in its societal context, focusing on the place of law in social, political and cultural life. His previous work has also centered around questions of discrimination, social inclusion and human rights. Along these lines, he is currently exploring the law as an instrument of social change and investigating whether some of the contemporary challenges faced by the global community could and should be tackled through the means of law.

Nejc will spend this fall at the Michigan State University collaborating with Prof. Ana Bračič. He is grateful to ASEF for awarding him with this opportunity and excited to explore some of the unique aspects of the research process in distinct scientific environment that he would be later able to incorporate into his own scientific research. Apart from hoping to lay solid foundations for his academic career, he is also looking forward to an enriching and eye-opening experience discovering the local culture while living in an entirely new environment.