Kosanič Nejc

I am a physics student from Maribor, Slovenia. I finished my Bachelor’s degree of Physics at the University of Maribor and am currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Physics programme at the University of Ljubljana. For the past two years I have been at Nuclear Reactor Center of Institut Jožef Stefan, where I was setting up an experiment on hydrodynamics (exploring critical heat flux and two phase flow behaviour of coolant R-134a under various conditions). I have also been working in a different IJS department for two months, where I worked on plasma production (examining synthesis of NH3 from H2 and N2 plasma in a low-pressure chamber on different metal surfaces).

My true interest lies in Astrophysics, which I had the chance to study on an Erasmus exchange at the University of Zagreb. I have always been interested in the nature of stars and galaxies. As such, my main goal in applying to ASEF is to be able to learn numerical programming, data mining, and to participate in astrophysical research, which will be possible under the supervision of prof. Andrej Prša at Villanova.

In my free time I have teamed up with a friend of mine to create a portable beverage cooler, but due to thermodynamics being in a slight disagreement with our project, it didn’t work out. We have also used the technology on two subsequent “successful” projects. Apart from that, I am also a lead (read: only) guitar player in a superb funky pop party band, a chile (plant and sauce!) enthusiast and happy craft beverages endorser.