Nadia Jakos

Nadia Jakos graduated as Psychopedagogue in 2019 from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina in Buenos Aires. She has worked in various areas for different institutions and professional groups. She is a member of a center that provides clinical treatment. She works in neuropsychological assessment for the Pediatric Neurology Service at a hospital. Nadia is also a member of a master’s program in Applied Neuropsychology. She works at a school and is a professor at the university where she studied.

Nadia would like to know about the different teaching methods used in Slovenia and is interested in learning how professionals intervene with and support individuals with special needs and learning difficulties; both in clinical and in educational or therapy groups. It would be good for her to compare the interventions in her field between two different cultures and exchange tools and strategies, so that both can benefit and improve.

Nadia works with people with varying conditions, ages and social backgrounds. Her professional goal is to encourage a better quality of life. As a psychopedagogue she aims to promote awareness of neurodiversity. In her role, she is dedicated to helping people with the tools they need to continue learning, regardless of their unique developmental paths.

She views this fellowship as a special possibility, as it offers not only the chance to enhance her professional skills and personal growth but also to engage with Slovenian culture, which holds significant importance in her life. She grew up in a Slovenian family; her four grandparents emigrated to Argentina after the Second World War. They, along with her parents, have shared with her Slovenian culture and language since she was born. She has been an active member of the Slovenian community in Buenos Aires since childhood.