Resnik Micaela

Micaela Resnik is an Actuary who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Throughout her studies, she has analyzed different types of risks, their measurement, and management, along with the tools used to mitigate them. She has studied different insurance available on the market like property, life, financial, reinsurance, and the various configurations of retirement plan funds, pensions, and health coverage. In her final thesis, she developed a credit scoring model for a retirement loan portfolio.
Since she was a child, she has been raised in Slovenian culture. She speaks the language fluently and enjoys the different traditions her grandparents and parents taught her. Among the many activities she is part of in the Slovenian community, she enjoys dancing in Folklorna skupina Maribor.
She is very grateful to ASEF for the incredible and unique opportunity given to her, where she will be able to learn, appreciate and compare the behavior of the European market with the Argentinian. Furthermore, this will allow her to develop her working skills and discover her abilities collaborating in an interdisciplinary group. She is very honored that she can professionally and personally develop in the country where her grandparents were born, the land where she feels like home.