Medina Lucia

Lucía Medina was born in Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia Argentina. She graduated from La Plata National University with a B.A in Social Communication. In the past recent years, she has been working in the field of social media, public policies and advocacy. In 2020 she finished her specialization in political and government communication in Tres de Febrero National University. About her personal links with Slovenia, her maternal grandfather was born in Štrekljevec, Semič, and emigrated to Patagonia where he met her grandmother borned in Croatia. The family grew around both cultures. In 2019 she visited Slovenia for the first time to meet part of the Križan´s family and his granpather´s hometown. Lucia is extremely grateful for this opportunity provided by ASEF, through which she will grow from a professional and personal perspective. During the program she wishes to improve her Slovenian language, learn more about local history and culture, visit relatives and strength her relationship with her Slovenian heritage. Outside of her academic and professional pursuits, she enjoys cyclotouring and trekking, she is really excited to explore the natural beauties and landscapes of the country.