Srebre Matej

Matej comes from Sostanj, northern Slovenia. At first, he was planning to become a programmer and went to Computer Engineering high school in Velenje, then continued as a Computer Science student at the University of Ljubljana; after one year of Computer Science, he switched to Physics and finished his bachelor’s degree last June. Now, Matej is a master’s student in theoretical physics at the University of Munich, Germany.

Matej’s research interests revolve around particle physics and exploring the fundamental properties of nature, mainly by combining theoretical calculations with experimental data. He was an intern at CMS, one of the two leading experiments at CERN (Switzerland) last summer, and researched W bosons. This year, he is looking forward to a new challenge with Professor Uros Seljak at UC Berkeley and experience a top US university. In his free time, Matej plays the accordion – “frajtonarca”.