Drobnjak Marko

Marko Drobnjak is a junior researcher at the Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law Ljubljana and Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Law Ljubljana. His primary research interests include language and law (legal language, legal discourse) automatic authorship identification (through aspects of forensic linguistics – forensic phonetics and phonology, forensic stylistics, etc.), media and criminology, but he is also focusing on psychological mechanisms in criminal justice and penology. Thankfully to ASEF, this year he will collaborate with prof. Gašper Beguš at the University of Washington, where he will examine how dialectological and phonetical-phonological features affect judicial proceedings and, ultimately, the length of penal sanctions. Marko is a big fan of new methodological approaches, such as natural language processing. Before beginning his Ph.D. studies he was a passionate gamer.