Mariano Figueroa

Mariano Figueroa is a native of San Carlos de Bariloche, in the beautiful region of the Argentine Patagonia. Inspired by the imposing structures of Buenos Aires, he decided to pursue a career in civil engineering, earning his degree from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires. Mariano’s graduation project focused on the design of a solid waste treatment plant in his hometown, addressing a vital challenge for Bariloche, nestled among impressive natural landscapes.

Currently, he work as an engineer at WOOD Plc, a leader in energy project management in Argentina. Mariano’s focus lies in designing and calculating structures for Oil & Gas projects, thus contributing to progress and efficiency in this key sector.

On his mother’s side, his two grandparents were born in Slovenia, so culture and language have always been present, an influence he deeply appreciates. Mariano is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the team that will explore this fascinating country, confident that it will be an enriching and memorable experience.

In his leisure time, he enjoys engaging in outdoor sports, such as trail running when in Bariloche, as well as cycling and team sports like handball and soccer.