Školč Luka

Luka Školč is an undergraduate student of Physics at the Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana. He finished his first year with an average grade of 10,0 (100%). During the summer of 2019, he studied how a nuclear reactor responds to periodic variations of reactivity. The research was done under the mentorship of dr. Luka Snoj at the department of reactor physics at Jožef Stefan Institute. Luka is still at the beginning of his research career and wants to broaden his horizons in physics as much as possible before specialization. As thermodynamics and statistical physics are some of his favorite subjects, he will be joining Andrej Kosmrlj’s group at Princeton University, USA, this summer, where he will explore phase separation in multicomponent systems.

Luka’s favorite ways to rejuvenate are enjoying nature and doing sports, mainly cycling and hiking. He also loves bike touring and his favorite trips up till now were the Netherlands and West coast of Ireland. He concluded ten years of piano classes at music school. He enjoys reading prose, writing short stories, sculpting, and making Halloween masks.