Dežan Lucija

Lucija Dežan is currently finishing her second year at the University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts. She graduated in Sociology and English Language and Literature. During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Lucija participated in several research teams dealing with the attitudes of youth, informal practices and tactical maneuvering in Balkan societies, and bicycle culture among local students. As her MSc thesis focuses on informal practices that help youth towards their first employment, she will spend the fall with prof. Ana Bračič, an expert in community engagement, to cooperate with her at the University of Oklahoma. The ASEF Fellowship offered her an opportunity to help with exit poll interviews during an election in the fall in Oklahoma City. Lucija is grateful to be given this opportunity and she believes that the ASEF Fellowship will allow her to broaden her research and will represent an important step on her career path. Lucija is also very passionate about equal opportunities and outside her academic pursuits; she likes to travel, she is a mentor of workshops where children combine robotics and LEGO bricks and loves board games.