Viano Lacey

Lacey Viano will be attending the University of Ljubljana, studying food science and nutrition with Dr. Tanja Pajk. Her undergrad at Eastern Illinois University consisted of nutrition of dietetics, food science, medical nutrition therapy, and many community nutrition projects. While in Slovenia, Lacey aspires to grow as an individual in her education, experience the culture of Slovenia, and take in all the amazing aspects of the country first hand. She is most excited to reconnect with some of her distant family and learn about her grandparents through them. Her whole life she has dreamed of visiting the land that her ancestors lived and now this dream has become unbelievably real for her. In her spare time, she loves to bake and cook for her friends with the recipes she has learned from her Slovenian grandmother. When she is not at home in the kitchen, she is outside hiking, swimming, or boating. Lacey believes she is blessed beyond measure to be given this opportunity and is very excited to visit Slovenia!