Skok Krištof

Krištof Skok is a master’s student in physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, where he also graduated. He focuses his studies on astrophysics – a field that he enjoys since childhood. He is currently focusing his interests on cataclysmic variables and stellar pulsations. Already in high school, he participated in the International Olympiads in Astronomy and Astrophysics where he earned a silver medal and two honorable mentions. He is now continuing his mission as a mentor to the new Slovenian Olympic teams which he has already taken to the olympiads three times across the world.

This summer he will research as an ASEF Junior Fellow with prof. dr. Andrej Prša at Villanova University in Philadelphia, USA. There he will improve in numerical modeling of stellar structure, stellar pulsations and the development of binary systems. He will gain a wealth of experience and insight into contemporary research in astrophysics.

In his spare time he is an active member of two astronomical clubs where he and his colleagues promote interest in astronomy through lectures and observations. Otherwise, on beautiful days he goes to the mountains to admire the beauty on Earth and on beautiful nights to the observatory to admire the beauty of the Universe.