Koren Jerneja

Jerneja Koren is an MSci student of Immunology and Pharmacology at the University of Aberdeen in the North-East of Scotland. She is currently undertaking her final year research project in the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Centre at the Institute of Medical Sciences, where she is investigating the role of a phosphatase called PTP1B in chronic inflammation associated with obesity. This builds on the practical experience Jerneja gained during her year-long MSci research placement in the Biozentrum, the centre of molecular medical sciences in Basel, Switzerland. There, her research was focused on CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing, which she utilised to investigate two proteins called coronin 2 and 3. Besides that, Jerneja has gained practical experience as an intern student in a Slovenian biotech company called COBIK, the spinal cord injury research group at the Institute of Medical Sciences in Aberdeen, and through her work on digital pathology-based research projects. Besides laboratory work, Jerneja also enjoys contributing to campus life and functions as a committee member of the Aberdeen University Women in Science and Engineering Society. In her free time, Jerneja enjoys running and baking sourdough bread. As an ASEF fellow, Jerneja looks forward to her visit to Professor Klementina Fon Tacer in Amarillo, Texas.