Kogoj Lena

Lena Kogoj is currently finishing her undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the University of Ljubljana. In the following months, she will be collaborating with the National Institute of Chemistry, where she will research the role of RNA in membrane-less organelles as part of her bachelor thesis. The area of ​​her study that excites her the most is molecular biology. She developed the joy for this area especially after a two-month internship in the research group of prof. Anne Spang at the University of Basel, where she studied the effect of transthyretin-related proteins on proteostasis in C. elegans. Since she wants to further improve her knowledge of molecular biology, she will be doing her research visit with prof. Jernej Murn at the University of California, Riverside, where she will delve deeper into RNA biology and gain research experience in a non-European research group. Since 2018, she has been participating as a volunteer in the scout association, where she leads a group of children (now teenagers) and helps organize many trips and camps. She also spends the rest of her free time in nature, as she likes to go jogging.