Dobravc Škof Karin

Karin was born in Maribor, where she graduated from physics on the Faculty of natural sciences and mathematics. Now she is the 1st year of MSc in physics at the Faculty of mathematics and physics. Her interests lie in subjects related to biophysics and astrophysics, that is why she’s visiting prof. Gregor Gorjanc at the University of Edinburgh, where she will work in the area of genomics. In the course of the fellowship, Karin is hoping to explore multidisciplinary work on the project, where she can use knowledge of physics and gain information from other fields. In the past she has worked on a PKP project, participated in Physics days in Bistra and offered voluntary tutorship in scientific subjects.

In her free time, Karin is a member of SiNAPSA (Slovenian society for neuroscience), she enjoys skiing in the winter and reading books in the summer. She also plays the clarinet in several wind orchestras. Currently she represents Bizeljsko as its wine queen, where she is promoting local wines and viticulture amongst young people.