Kosmač Juš

Juš is a graduate student of Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana. He is currently working on his master’s thesis which is focused on persistent homology and its applications. His favourite areas of study are topology and algebra, but he is not strictly limited to them. The past semester he spent in Bonn as an Erasmus exchange student. During the summer he will have an opportunity to visit prof. Jernej Barbič at the University of Southern California, where he will learn about the topological aspects of computer graphics, namely modelling self-intersecting solids and surfaces.

In his free time Juš mostly enjoys outdoor activities such as running, skiing or hiking, especially if there is a nice view from the top. On the other hand, he occasionally fancies a good movie or binge-watching a TV series. Every once in a while, he also likes to play the piano just so he doesn’t completely forget how to.