Figueroa Maria Micaela

Maria is a professional musical theater performer. She grew up in Bariloche, a little town surrounded by mountains in the south of Argentina. She always cared about the environment and enjoyed learning different languages, trekking, reading and writing. Her passion for art began as a little girl because she was part of the Slovenian community where this was always present. Growing up surrounded by the Argentinian, Slovenian and German culture gave her different tools and perspectives and motivated her to always be open minded and curious. She moved to Buenos Aires to start a professional artistic career were she had the chance to study in depth everything related to it: many theater and singing techniques, music theory, dramaturgy, musical theater history, many dance styles (jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary), etc. After receiving her degree, she was able to apply her studies in musical theater plays, shows and artistic events. She also shares her knowledge with young minds as a drama teacher, choreographer, vocal coach and director of many Concerts. She strongly believes that art is one of the pillars of society. It inspires, heals and reflects society’s troubles and realities. Her visit to Slovenia as part of the ASEF community is a unique and fruitful experience to see how musical theater and artistic disciplines are taught and applied in a different context. Also to grow personally and to make long lasting professional connections in the artistic field. She´s also very excited about enjoying the beautiful places and history that Slovenia has to offer. After all, Slovenia always felt like a second home, and it cultivated her passion for art. “Art is part of the human nature. It plays an important role, bigger than we think. It changes lives. It can even change the course of history.”