Janežič Erik

Erik Janežič graduated in Biochemistry from Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Ljubljana. He has always been fascinated by the human brain and the mechanisms that govern our intelligence. This is reflected in his bachelor thesis, where he explored the subcellular localization of newly discovered organelles, lipid droplets, in rat astrocytes. During his studies, his interests expanded from biology to more abstract theoretical views of intelligence, and for his future career path, he decided to combine his interests in biology with computer science by enrolling in the Computer Science MSc program at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. He is now finishing his first year of his master’s degree studies, focusing mainly on artificial intelligence and machine learning. He is fascinated by the theory of hierarchical temporal memory and plans to focus his research and master thesis in that direction.

This summer he will have the opportunity to work with prof. Sanja Fidler at the University of Toronto, where he will expand his knowledge in the domains of computer vision and natural language processing.

Coming from a small town under the Alps, he naturally likes mountaineering and skiing. During the summer he seeks an occasional scuba dive somewhere along the Croatian coast. When the time is scarce he relaxes by going out for a run and playing basketball or PC games with friends.