Gimpelj Dylan

Dylan Gimpelj is a second-year law student at the University of Montreal. After completing a Bachelor of Art’s in Economics at McGill University, he worked in the finance industry for two years before returning to his studies. He is grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ASEF has provided which gives a chance to apply his current skillset in a professional legal environment, as well as gain new knowledge essential to his career growth. With Canada being a federal multicultural state and Slovenia being a member of the European Union, Dylan is excited to explore Slovenia’s legal tradition and thus appreciate the insightful parallels and distinctions that can be made with Canada’s legal context.
Having visited Slovenia only briefly a few summers ago, Dylan is eager to further establish a personal connection to Slovenia and his Slovenian family that will be made possible during the extended stay of the fellowship. He hopes to use his personal time while there to build strong, lasting relationships and thoroughly enjoy the cultural and natural heritage Slovenia possesses. In his free time, Dylan mainly enjoys spending time with friends in the outdoors, whether playing sports, hiking, or camping in many of Canada’s beautiful national and provincial parks.