Donik Žiga

Žiga is a first stage Researcher (R1) and PhD student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor. He works in the design of cellular structures and numerical structural analysis of solids. He uses computer simulations to determine how specific structures respond to external loads. As a part of his doctoral studies, he aims to develop personalized vascular stent structures from biodegradable materials for cardiovascular interventions. That would facilitate better recovery of patients and reduce complications in surgical procedures. As a part of the ASEF Junior Fellowship program, Žiga will have the opportunity to visit Dr Luka Pocivavsek at the University of Chicago, where he will gain additional knowledge from the interdisciplinary field of biomechanics. Žiga plays professional volleyball for his home club on a national and international level, so he spends most of his free time on the volleyball court. He also enjoys music, cooking, traveling and hiking.