Urbancic Cecilia

Cecilia Urbancic is a graphic designer at UADE, Argentina University of the Company, in Buenos Aires. She collaborated in the edition of an e-book, studying the different possibilities that design can offer to visual communication. She also worked at LA NACION, an Argentinean newspaper and learned about editorial communication. Nowadays, she develops graphics for events and content for websites. Cecilia will be spending this summer at Zemanta, an internet marketing company, in order to gain experience and focus on her professional development. She is interested in experiencing visual languages and understanding how its functionality varies and depends on the social environment it is surrounded by.

She would also like to emphasize the impact a visual communicator has. By generating creative actions through visual communication, society can be transformed. Communicators find unique opportunities to generate creative actions which can transform society and allow people to see the world from a different perspective.