Leban Blaž

Blaž Leban is a second-year postgraduate Physics student at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of mathematics and physics. This summer, he will be joining prof. Andrej Prša’s research group at the Villanova University in Philadelphia, which is mainly focused on computational astrophysics. He decided to study physics in high school when popular scientific books about the universe and cosmology totally amazed him but was later redirected to particle physics. He is currently working on his master’s thesis about neutrino physics and the seesaw mechanism. Since he is not tied to a particular field for the future, he would like to deepen his knowledge of the behavior of star systems and try to build realistic computer models of them. In his free time, he tries to spend as much time as possible close to the space in nature, where he likes to run, hike, play football, volleyball and participate in other sports. He is also a rally fan and is enthusiastic about ultimate frisbee. He is a tidy and well-organized person. He is very grateful to ASEF for this fellowship.