Anžur Lana Nastja

Lana Nastja Anžur is a second-year PhD student in Environmental Protection and a researcher in the Laboratory of Cultural Heritage Science, both at the University of Ljubljana. Previously, she studied both archaeology and law and completed the specialization program Economics, Management and Digital Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage at Venice International University. As part of her doctoral thesis, she is investigating the sustainable management of cultural heritage, focusing on methods for the interdisciplinary  valorization of heritage assets. Part of her doctoral research will be carried out in Mauritius as part of the activities of the Mauritian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage project (Stanford University), where she has been a member of the research team since 2021. Previously, she gained experience as a researcher in the Sustainable Management of Cultural Heritage in the Balkans project (Venice International University), where she investigated the impact of climate change on the cultural heritage of the Balkan countries. She is currently also involved in researching the mediaeval socio-cultural landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of the archaeological research team of the Land of Stećci project. At the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences and the Stanford Archaeology Center, she will expand the research on the socio-cultural value of the Stećci tombstones, under the supervision of Dr. Saša Čaval. In the future, she would like to transfer the knowledge gained through research into the non-profit sector by establishing initiatives for economic development in the countries of the Global South. Her favorite free time activity is scuba diving or walking her dog.