Gačnik Annika Rose

Annika Gačnik is a Master’s candidate in Food Studies, an interdisciplinary field of food policy, business, and culture, at New York University. A native Californian, Annika has worked extensively in food production and distribution, including in urban agriculture, fisheries research, winemaking, and the grocery industry. She received her B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology from the University of California, Berkeley. When not studying food, she enjoys spending time in the ocean and the garden. As an ASEF Fellow, Annika will research under Dr. Tanja Kamin at the University of Ljubljana. Supported by this fellowship, Annika aspires to effect social change in food systems in order to elevate human rights and enhance sustainability. Annika is fortunate to have previously visited Slovenia, where she reconnected with her paternal relatives and traveled with her family, including her sister Michaela – a 2018 ASEF fellow. Annika is extraordinarily grateful for this opportunity to deepen her understanding of her heritage and form new, meaningful connections with her colleagues and peers.