Alexander Hoài Nam Penca

Alexander is a young professional from Canberra, Australia working in the field of events, tourism, and cultural management. He began his academic life studying music performance, graduating from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Music majoring in Piano. After graduating, Alexander turned his efforts to the operational side of the industry and worked for several years in the administration and management of performing arts events in Brisbane, Australia.

Since that time, Alexander has developed an affinity for this line of work and wishes to continue developing his career in this area with a focus on tourism. He is excited to visit Slovenia to undertake a mentorship with professionals in this field, and with the help of ASEF, gain access to amazing professional development opportunities and invaluable experience, as well as extend his professional ties to Slovenia and Europe at large. Alexander has entrepreneurial aspirations and hopes to one day manage a business, venue, or enterprise of his own.

In his spare time, Alexander enjoys hiking, skiing, exploring national parks, and traveling the world. He is an avid language learner and loves forming connections with people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe